I recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after 7 years of suffering.

Here’s the simple understanding that enabled me to recover.

If you want your life back and are feeling confused, lost, judged and hopeless about your situation..


It’s normal to feel tired from time to time – especially given the pace of our modern lives and all the things it looks like we have to cram into it.

But if that feeling or tiredness is starting to restrict to your freedom, and if you have been diagnosed with M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or Chronic Fatigue (CFS), and were previously a high achiever and are beginning to lose hope that you will get your life back, then please read on.

Imagine for a moment, what it would be like if you could actually get you energy back?

Take a moment to consider what would change if you could end the search for that magic cure and finally enjoy life again?

I’ll bet right now it seems impossible right?

Some of these probably sound familiar



You’ve seen doctor after doctor and had batteries of tests done. Most, if not all of the tests, have come back normal. Moreover, the doctor may have told you that you are simply depressed or suffering from anxiety and have left you baffled as to how move forward.



You feel guilty that you are letting your husband/wife and kids down because even though you push yourself you just can’t do the things you used to or want to..

Tried Everything


You have tried graded exercise, CBT, anti-depressants, vitamin therapies, or a whole host of other alternative therapies and found little or no relief from your symptoms. Perhaps they have even made you feel worse?

Money Worries


Perhaps you have had to give up work and are worried about the future and what will happen if you don’t just get rid of this thing.

But most importantly...

The illness seems to be taking over your life, and in desperation, you find yourself spending large amounts of time searching the internet, going on forums talking to other sufferers about what has helped them and spending endless amounts of money trying new cures, in a vain attempt to try and improve your own situation.

You’re not alone.

people in the UK affected by CFS

people in the US affected by CFS

If any of the above resonates with you, then I want to be a voice of hope for you. You see, all of the above describe my own journey with Chronic Fatigue.

My name is John El-Mokadem and I suffered in various ways for 7 years and at one time was completely bed bound and unable to do anything at all. I spent 3 months in hospital at one point, and was given various different medications, all of which had terrible side effects and which did not seem to agree with me.

I reached a point of functioning as a result of a complete overhaul of my diet and by taking a number of nutritional supplements, but still my recovery was never complete. I was still finding myself easily fatigued, and would suffer setbacks and really strange symptoms if I pushed myself too hard, or if I became ill with infections. My body had more fuel, but it was still running on empty too often.

I was missing something still. But what? That something was an understanding of how this illness really works.

And when I finally understood, and accepted that it was true, it changed everything.

It could change everything for you too.

You can stop seeking.

Here’s the thing you’ve been looking for.


I’ve lived with ME and different health conditions for 23 years and done a lot of self development.  A lot of trying things, and a lot of trying to find ways to help me.  None of it seemed to make sense.  Then I started talking to John, and something happened…What seemed to come out it?  An overwhelming feeling of calm, contentment and peace.  My life feels like it’s just begun.  I feel like I’m alive.  I feel like I am finally living.  And this is just by having conversations with John.  My life has turned around in just a space of two months.  My energy has turned around.  What I’m doing work wise has turned around.  How I enjoy myself and how I have fun!  It just feels amazing!!  All things that were being blocked by the the discussions I was having in my head.  And I’ve got John to thank for this change.  And I’ll never be able to thank him enough.  I’m 45 years old, and finally I feel alive…

Alison 23 Year Chronic Fatigue Sufferer


In February 2016 I had made a most exciting move to a wonderful sea view apartment on the south coast of the UK. Six days later, and for yet still mysterious reasons, the hearing in one ear degenerated to a point of almost total deafness and by late April I was suffering symptoms of debilitating fatigue. Numerous tests were run but nothing definitive has ever been found, all I know is that I struggled to get out of bed and manage the basics of living for 7 weeks. Even then I was only able to achieve a limited return to normalcy. A chance conversation in late June with a friend during which she suggested I have a chat with John as someone who helped people with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. I thought that it would just be a conversation and had no real expectations that it would go anywhere.

In the 3 months since that conversation I have travelled to Los Angeles for four days of intensive training with no ill effects and no jet lag (either way!), have left my full time paid employment to become self employed and have discovered life flowing through me rather than desperately doing what I thought was life.

Sioux Harper - UK

Meeting John totally changed my life around, as through only a few sessions with me he was able to teach me a whole new way of thinking about life and dealing with not only my ME, but also any other problem or anxiety that came along. His results are amazing and I am proud and extremely grateful to be living proof of his ability to help people like me.

Samira - 5 Year Chronic Fatigue Sufferer

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